New features of relationship apps

New features of relationship apps

To fit the pandemic landscape, dating apps also needed to reinvent themselves. In addition to modifications to increase the radius for finding people, some apps have made available exclusive options.

Tinder, for example, plans to launch a video calling feature for virtual meetings. Bumble, which has had this option since 2019, has seen the number of users grow during quarantine. The video option increased 38% between late March and early May alone.

In April, Tinder had created the “passport” option in order to promote virtual interactions between people from different countries. This, however, was only a passing modification.

Application users themselves often extend conversations to WhatsApp, which is often synonymous with more reserved chats, calls, and video calls.

Quick tips for using dating apps

Before you start using some of the apps available today, you need to always be aware of your security in the digital world.

Some online etiquette tips for beginners involve not giving out personal data or compromising information, being wary of fake profiles, and, if possible, making your first date in a public and busy place.

Only share more personal information when you know better the person you are interacting with.

Video calls, in addition to helping to alleviate the feeling of loneliness caused by the pandemic, also serve to prove the person's identity. Use them to verify that you are talking to someone real and not a made-up profile.

These tips are not meant to scare you, but rather to promote good use of the internet and dating apps. They are very nice and have contributed a lot to the mental well-being of many Brazilians, but they also require some special care.

Make sure you're talking to a mature, authentic person who doesn't need masks to be comfortable with their individuality.

If you need help, count on Vittude's psychologists!

Finally, don't give up! If you need help understanding if you are ready for a new relationship, or if the time is not yet, don't hesitate to talk to a professional.

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And if you want to continue looking for a new love, invest in other conversations if the first chat was boring. It may take a while to find the right person, but it's not impossible.

Many Brazilians have already established serious relationships and marriages through these apps. It is a matter of patience and affinity.


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