Can I get a Perfect Partner Online ?


Certainly you can.With

the right strategy Online dating gives you a chance to find people who match your interest in the shortest time possible compared to physical searching.For more online dating information Read More

Q2 How Can Create A Good Online Dating Profile ?


Creating Online dating profile can seem like a daunting task, and ensuring that your profile stand out can seem overwhelming.Mpenzi.me team have assembled the best tips for you to refer before creating an online dating profile. For more information on this Read more


Is Online Dating Safe ?


Online dating is indeed safe than some of the traditional ways of finding partners like going to bar or restaurants where you meet people you have no background of. The fee charged on so

me online dating sites like mpenzi.me are used to filter time wasters and bring sanity to to this avenues of dating.


Is My personal Information Safe In Online Dating Sites ?


When you register your details on an online dating site or platform Only the administrators of the dating site itself can see your information.No way the public or for

other members to see your information.There are also privacy and policies guidelines .To read mpenzi.me Read More


What Are the Benefits of Becoming A Member ?


Then reason for online dating site is for people to find their perfect match at least for mpenzi.me online dating site. Only members can get a chance to to meet the love of their life's through this platform.To register and become a member click here to register


How do Start a Conversation With Someone for the First-Time ?

Use the mpenzi.me internal messaging for this.If you can, just say hi, and when they say hi back, follow through with a question that came to your mind when you were reading their profile. It might have to do with where they live, a hobby they like, a favorite film or sports team, their kids, whatever. Show genuine interest, and the other person will feel more personally involved


How Can I Make Money From the Online Dating Affiliate Program ?


You can earn good money by becoming an affiliate of mpenzi.me dating site. You will be able to earn 35% commission of every sale you make. To read more information on how to became a member Click Here


What are the Questions I should Ask When I Meet A Person in Online Dating Site For The First Time ?


One of the best ways to determine if you are goin

g to get the right person in online dating site is by asking the right questions that will put you somewhat at ease.Here are a few questions which hopefully will put you in the right track.

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